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If you cannot find the information you need, please send an email to Customer Support or one of the other contacts listed at the bottom of the page. We will do our best to respond to you within 48 hours.


Managing My Profile

  • How do I change my email address and/or password?
  • Click on My Settings, make the desired changes to the email and/or password fields, and then click on the "Update Your Settings" button to save your changes.

    Remember that your email address is your User ID, and when you change it, your login information changes accordingly.

    Please be very careful when entering your email address. If you enter an incorrect address, we will be unable to send you information about your account or to help you if you forget your password.
  • How do I make changes to my profile?
  • Go to "Your Profile" (top left) and hit the "Edit Profile" link. From there, you will be brought to a page on which you can update/edit your profile information.

    Please remember to click "Save" for the specific section you're making changes to, or click "Save All" at the bottom of the page when you're done or your changes will be discarded.
  • How do I add photos to my profile?
  • To upload digital photos directly from your computer, go to "Your Profile" (top left), click on the Add/Edit Photos and follow these 4 steps: 1. Click on Browse. 2. Browse to the photo wherever you have it stored. Typically, photos are kept in your "My Photos" folder, or in "My Documents", but if not, you should browse for the photo on your hard drive, on a disc, or wherever you keep your photos. 3. Click the photo file and then click on Open. 4. Back at the eDate photo page now, click on Upload to send us your photo file.. Please allow 1-2 days for your photo to be approved.
  • Why have parts of my profile been edited/deleted?
  • As explained in our Terms and Conditions, we have restrictions regarding the material you can post on the site. We may reject profiles that contain any of the following: Abusive language of any kind, including vulgarity, racism, references to illegal activity, etc. Any direct contact information, including email addresses, URLs, ICQ/instant messenger IDs, phone numbers, full names, addresses, etc. Commercial or political advertisements or solicitations. Material that exploits or solicits personal information from individuals under the age of 18.

    eDate does not accept content from individuals under the age of 18.
  • How can I increase the number of people who see and respond to my profile?
  • There are many things you can do to improve your chances of getting noticed on
    1. Add a Photo! We cannot emphasize this enough - it really makes a big difference. Members with photos get 10 times more responses.
    2. Become a Full Member to get top ranking in search results.
    3. Make sure youve filled out every section of your profile, especially your personal essays and tastes. Makes changes to your profile often - keep it dynamic and exciting!
    4. Make the first move! Send an e-mail, voice mail, or instant message to another member.
  • How do I temporarily hide my profile?
  • To remove your profile from search results, click on My Settings, expand the "Account Settings" section, and select "Hide Your Profile" from the list of options, then hit the "Save" button for your changes to take effect. Your profile will no longer be visible in any search results. If you change your mind, you can log back in and change the setting back to "Show Your Profile".
  • How do I delete my profile?
  • If you wish your profile to be removed from the site, click on My Settings, scroll down to the "My Profile" section, select "Remove Your Profile" and follow the instructions.

    Please Note: If you do not wish to permanently delete your profile, you can instead "hide" it if you believe that you may wish to use it again in the future.

Membership Options

  • How do I become a Full Member?
  • Anytime you try to access a feature that is only accessible to full members, you will be provided an appropriate link to upgrade your membership. You can also click here to become a full member.
  • What Payment Methods Does Offer?
  • eDate offers a variety of different payment methods across our many platforms.

    Desktop users can complete their purchases using:
    • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover, JCB, and Switch all accepted)
    • PayPal

    Mobile users can complete their purchases using:
    • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB, and Switch all accepted)

    iOS Application (Apple) users can complete their purchases using:
    • iTunes Account

    Android Application users can complete their purchases using:
    • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover, JCB, and Switch all accepted)
  • How do I cancel my full membership?
  • To discuss your account, please call one of our customer support reps at 1-888-688-4760 or 1-514-907-0015. Our support lines are open between 9AM and 5 PM EST, Monday through Friday and 10AM to 4PM EST on Saturday and Sunday. Please note that we are closed on most holidays. Your full membership will be terminated at the end of the next billing cycle, and you will not be billed again. You will be back to guest status and can renew your full membership at any time.

Mobile Devices

  • Does your site support my mobile devices?
  • For assistance in navigation or using eDate with a mobile device, please contact us using one of the options below, or by following the steps to reach mobile support on the device itself.
  • How can I browse eDate on my iOS device?
  • Download our iOS application from the Apple Store. For assistance in navigating the app, please contact us using one of the options below or within the app.
  • Which permissions does the Android app use, and what for?

Searching & Saving Matches

  • How do I perform a search?
  • There are many ways to search for members on
    1. Advanced Search offers the most customizable searching experience of any dating website today through its Advanced Search page, conveniently located in the top menu at all times under "Search". Go into extraordinary detail in selecting what type of person YOU are looking for.
    2. Quick Search
      The "Quick Search" option appears in the website sidebar (to the left), and allows you to run a quick search using only the most basic criteria, including gender, age, and distance. You can also limit results to members with photos and/or members currently online. You can also be very specific by trying a "Nickname" or "Keyword" search to find a specific member or search for a keyword in someones profile, such as a specialized interest or description. For even more detailed searches, try our Popular Searches page!
    3. Online Now, In Your Area, New Photos, Your Matches search options
      All of these drop-down search menus contain special filters to provide results customized to your profile.
  • How do I add a member to my Hotlist?
  • Its fast and easy to do, and lets you keep tabs on profiles that you find interesting. Click on the corresponding "Hotlist" or "Add to Hotlist " button on the profile or search results listing of the person you wish to add to your list.
  • How do I remove a member from my Hotlist?
  • Select the member you wish to remove with a checkmark, then click the "Remove Selected" button.


  • How do I know if I have a new message in my mailbox?
  • There are two ways to know when you have new mail on
    1. Email Notifications
      When you receive a new email on, we will send you an off-site email to let you know about it. To disable these notifications, uncheck this option in Your Settings.
    2. Check your Mailbox in the top menu
      Click on "Mailbox" in the top menu. Beside "Mailbox" will be the number of unread messages you have flashing with the word "New".
  • Why am I not getting all of my important email?
  • Make sure you receive your email from other members as well as important announcements and updates! Select your email provider below and follow the simple instructions to keep email out of your junk folder .

    From time to time, you may receive a large amount of email from in one day. Even if you don't want to read them all, please do not report any email from as junk or spam. If you do, it is likely that your future emails will be labeled as such and you won't receive them .

    Yahoo!   Hotmail   Gmail   MSN   AOL 10.1   AOL via Web Browser   Microsoft Outlook

    1. Log-in to your Yahoo! Inbox
    2. Next to Contacts, click "Add" in the left menu
    3. Where it asks for "email" type:
    4. Leave the rest blank and click "Save" then "Ok."
    5. Repeat steps 2-4 with

    If you have already marked one of your emails as spam, find the email in your Spam Folder and click the "Not Spam" button at the top of the Spam Folder.

    For more information, click here for Yahoo! support.

    1. Log-in to your Hotmail account
    2. Click "Options" located in the top right corner
    3. Select "more options"
    4. Under the heading "Preventing junk email", select "Safe and blocked senders"
    5. Click on "Safe Senders"
    6. In the field named "sender or domain to mark as safe", type in the following domains and click "add to list"

    When you are deleting emails in Hotmail, please ensure you are pressing the DELETE button. Pressing the JUNK button means you are reporting email as spam. If you have unknowingly added email to your Hotmail spam list, please follow these instructions to get your mail out of the junk folder.

    For more information, click here for Hotmail support.

    1. Log-in to your Gmail account
    2. Click "Contacts" located on the left
    3. Click the "Add Contact" drop down button
    4. Type and press enter.
    5. Repeat steps 3-4 for

    It's a good idea to routinely check your spam folder to see if any messages were routed there by mistake. If your spam folder is full, search for any email messages by going into your spam folder, in the search bar it should say in:spam, if it doesn't type it in, after in:spam type If you have any emails in your spam folder, they will come up. Select all and click "Not Spam."

    1. Nvigate to
    2. Sign in with your account (top right corner).
    3. Click on Hotmail icon (top right corner).
    4. On the top menu will be a navigation menu. Mouseover the Hotmail option and click inbox.
    5. From your inbox, click the options drop down menu at the top right corner.
    6. Click "more options".
    7. Under the 'Preventing junk email' header, click on the 'Safe and blocked senders' link.
    8. Click 'safe senders'.
    9. Add and to the safe list and then click Add to list.

    When you are deleting emails in MSN, please ensure you are pressing the DELETE button. Pressing the JUNK button means you are reporting email as spam. If you have unknowingly added email to your MSN spam list, please follow these instructions to get your mail out of the junk folder.

    For more information, click here for MSN Support.

    1. Log-in to your AOL inbox
    2. Click on "Address Book" in the upper right corner
    3. Click "New"
    4. In "Email" add
    5. Click "Save"
    6. Repeat steps 3-5 with

    If you have already marked one of your emails as spam, select the email in your Spam Folder and click the "Not Spam" button at the top of the Spam Folder.

    • AOL via Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.) [back to top]
    1. Log-in to your AOL inbox
    2. Click "Contacts"
    3. Click "New"
    4. Click "New Contact" in the dropdown menu
    5. In "Email 1" add
    6. Click "Create"
    7. Repeat steps 2-6 with

    If you have already marked one of your emails as spam, select the email in your Spam Folder and click the "Not Spam" button at the top of the Spam Folder.

    1. Log-in to your Microsoft Outlook inbox
    2. From the Tools menu, select "Options"
    3. At the "Preferences" tab, under Email, click "Junk Email"
    4. Click the "Safe Senders" or "Safe Recipients" tab
    5. Click "Add"
    6. Type the following email addresses in the address box:
    7. Click the "Ok" button

  • How do I delete messages from my Mailbox?
  • In your Mailbox, select the messages that you wish to delete (by clicking on their corresponding check-boxes), then click on "Delete Selected".
  • How do I block another member from emailing or messaging me?
  • When viewing an email from that member, click on Options, and select Blocklist from the drop-down menu. . The member will no longer be able to contact you, but will appear in your Blocklist in case you wish to unblock him or her.

Safety & Privacy

  • How can I be sure that my anonymity is protected on this site?
  • The personal information that you provide during the sign-up process, including your name, e-mail address, and other contact information, will never be revealed to other users on eDate unless you choose to reveal it to them in correspondence. (For more details, see our Privacy Policy.) In order to help us keep your experience on safe and anonymous, make sure that you do not include any personal information in your profile. E-mail addresses, telephone numbers, instant messenger aliases, your real name, and any other information that may be used to contact you directly will be edited out of your profile by the eDate review staff.
  • What can I do to avoid the potential dangers of online dating?
  • As long as you follow a few common-sense guidelines, online dating is one of the safest and simplest ways to meet new people.
    1. Never give out your phone number, personal e-mail or real name until you feel confident that someone is trustworthy. Stick with the eDate internal messaging systems until you are ready for the next stage.
    2. Never give out financial information (such as credit card or bank account numbers) to someone you meet online. If anyone asks for this kind of information, please notify us immediately.
    3. Never give your password out to anyone, for any reason. And make sure you haveve chosen a password that is not easy for anyone to guess.
    4. If you are going to meet someone new in person, tell friends or family about the date.
    5. Always meet your first date in a public location. Never have them pick you up at home.
    6. Always be aware of the personal information youre revealing to a date.
    7. Use your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable or suspicious, it may be time to end the date.
    Click here to learn how to avoid common dating scams.

Your Settings

Miscellaneous Questions

  • How do I read the date/time information?
  • All times and dates on the site appear in this format: Day/Month/Year Hour:Minute.

    The time displayed is Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), in 12-hour format. AM designates the morning (before noon), PM designates the afternoon/evening.

    EDT is GMT -4:00
  • What is an Online Ambassador (OA)?
  • From time to time, employs individuals who are interested in corresponding with a large number of members. These members are labeled "OA" or "Online Ambassador" and are paid for their efforts by The role of the Online Ambassador is to familiarize other members with the workings of eDate and to help integrate them into the eDate community.

    Former Online Ambassadors (FOA) will have the Former OA logo, or the words Former Online Ambassador prominently displayed on their profiles. Former OAs are people who were once Online Ambassadors but are not currently employed and paid by

    Please note that Ambassadors are not agents of and they cannot help you with customer support or billing issues.
  • Why haven't my photos been approved yet?
  • Please note that it takes up to 48 hours for photos to be approved. If you have uploaded your photo over 2 days ago and they have not yet been posted on your profile, please see the photo guidelines below to make sure you have not violated any of our regulations.

    Main Photo guidelines:
    1. Your face must be clearly visible.
    2. You must be readily identifiable (ie no groups).
    3. No nudity.
    4. Photos must be a 3/4 length or head and shoulder shot (no full-length shot).
    Additional photo guidelines:
    1. Any photo that is relevant to you personally including group photos, friends, houses, pets, etc...
    2. Full-length shots are permitted.
    We will reject photos that:
    1. Contain personal identification or contact info
    2. Are too blurry to be distinguishable
    3. Contain images of celebrities
    4. You do not own the copyright to
    5. Contain nudity, pornographic images or sexually explicit content
    6. Depict illegal activities
    7. Are larger than 8MB in size

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