Success Stories

Beth Shawn

“We got married”

I had just about given up on internet dating...

I had just about given up on internet dating after having had a bunch of very unsuccessful dates on other dating websites when, someone suggested that I try your site. About a week after I created my profile a guy named Shawn wrote to me. We chatted and then we met a week or so later for our first date. I promised myself that if I saw him and he looked like a weirdo, that I would give up all together on internet dating. He looked very handsome from a distance, so I called out his name, and as we walked into the building he held the door for me. I left the date three hours later knowing that this was the man that I would spend the rest of my life with.

That was five years ago this August... We just celebrated our 1 year wedding Anniversary at the beginning of the month, and I have eDate to thank for all of it! Without you I couldn't have found my knight in shining armor!

- Beth


“I am SOOO happy!!!!”

I was just about to remove myself from eDate in October when I got a response from someone of whom I never imagined I'd meet...

John Gillette

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Dear eDate, The woman of my dreams actually found me on this site...


“Found my Husband here on a last ditch effort.”

I left my heart and soul with him that night...


“Pending marriage”

In Aprl of 2013 I met a lady on Mate 1. She said yes on Valentines day...


“Finding "THE ONE".”

In less than 7 days, I have found a partner...